Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Six ways to add home value to your London property

As spring approaches, many homeowners will begin home improvement projects. But which are best for adding home value—or attract the most potential buyers? Experts from all building contractors of the home industry suggest the following tips.
Tip #1 Landscaping is a key part first impression. Average returns can be significant, in some markets upward of 100 to 200 percent. Choosing to do nothing or allowing shrubs to become overgrown—which blocks out natural sunlight and obstructs the exterior of the home—can negatively affect the price of a home.
Tip #2: Brighten up your bathroom. According to leading London maintenance and refurbishment company, one of the most important rooms in the home is the bathroom. Statistics back up this belief: Refurbishment magazine’s annual cost versus value report revealed that major bathroom Refurbishment jobs saw between 88 percent and 91 percent of their costs recouped. Even simply replacing towel racks, light fixtures or the sink can make a major difference to potential buyers. Remove stains from toilets, tubs and sinks. If fixtures are outdated or leak, replace them. Inspect, repair and replace any worn out grout in tiles, and caulk all joints for a watertight seal.
Tip #3: Give your kitchen a facelift. The most important thing to buyers about the kitchen, is that it appears spacious. If the kitchen counter is full of appliances, leave one or two appliances there, but put the rest in storage. Make sure the faucet works properly, shuts off quickly and is attractive. Clean the cabinets. If they’re dark, consider repainting them to give the entire kitchen a fresh, new look. It is also a good idea to upgrade the cabinet hardware, adding new knobs and other fixtures.
Tip #4: Crank up the curb appeal. Beyond landscaping, basic curb appeal can increase home’s value, and when selling, can attract potential buyers. Windows, French doors, shutters, window boxes and architectural shingles are a few curb appeal features that can help augment a home’s other positive features. And not all are expensive either. When replacing a roof, select architectural shingles. For a few pounds more, you’ll add a whole new dimension to your house try a professional builder Team Construction Services ltd Builder London .
Tip #5: Put on some paint. One of the best ways to increase home value and enhance appeal to sellers is to put a fresh coat of paint on all the walls: Your home will look clean, fresh and new. Stick with neutral colours like beige, cream and white.
Tip #6: Finesse the front door. A more attractive entrance can considerably increase the perceived value of a home Study, an enhanced entryway can add as much as £24,000 to a home’s perceived value in some markets.
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